Singapore Show Details

What’s up Lion City Rockers..

Here is the deal with our shows in Singapore on April 5th, 6th and 7th –

The April 5th show is a Nokia Showcase (with Summer’s Over and Pete Teo) at St James Powerhouse (8-10pm) that is limited to 350 people. We get to bring 50 of the invitees and will have a fair way of determining who the 50 will be. So keep an eye on our page and on your bulletins over the coming days to be one of the 50.

The April 6th show is at Gas Haus with Summer’s Over and One Way Alley. It’s going to go off and there are limited tickets, so you should get them now before it sells out ($10 and that includes a drink). Tickets are now available at Black Label, #05-10 The Hereen!

The April 7th show at Timbre is still being confirmed, so we’ll have more info on that before we leave for Singapore.

And we will have our merch (t-shirts, cd’s, stickers, etc), BUT we can only bring so much with us… So if you want stuff, get to the show early and pick it up before we sell out.

We are so stoked to see you guys. Can’t wait to rock the Lion City. Which reminds me.. be looking for the Lion City song this week sometime. We will put up the demo and lyrics. So you BETTER sing along at our shows!

See you in the pit (the huge, out of control circle pit),

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