Back In Texas!

Whelp, after one of the most amazing times of our lives we are back – Deep in the heart of Texas.

First of all, to all the fans, friends, bands and everyone else we met in Singapore – THANK YOU! You guys were truly amazing and we really appreciate it.

After a 24 hour flight, we landed in the Lion City at about 1am on Monday night (Tues morning). After talking to Shi, Bee and Karen about our week’s events, we went to the hotel, grabbed some over-priced room service food and hit the sack. Tuesday morning we got up, ate and stumbled into the studio where Karen and her crew were waiting on us to shoot a music video for “Pretty in Ink”. We didn’t finish up there until around 1030pm. It was a long day, but an amazing experience. We are so stoked to see how it’s going to turn out. Karen is by far one of the most talented and coolest people we’ve ever worked with… really amazing.

Tuesday night we had our “wrap party” at the hotel bar. It was a good time, but we had a long day ahead of us, so we shut it down and got our beauty rest. The next day we slept in a little bit, ate and then went to rehearsal. Then we had dinner with the Nokia peeps and then it was off to Zouk where we taught the locals some new dance moves (nice job CxS)…and we made some new friends.

Thursday we woke up early (after only a few hours of sleep) and went to sound check for the Nokia show. The venue was killer and the stage and sound were super legit. We left there, did some interviews and ran some last minute errands before going to the hotel to eat, get dressed and head back up to the venue for more interviews, dinner and then the show. Everything went extremely well.. and everyone was so incredibly cool to us.

After the Nokia show we had more interviews, pictures, etc and then it was time to relax and enjoy the night. So we stayed at St James Powerhouse and hung out w/ a lot of new and old friends. It was an amazing night that ended w/ room service food at 6am.

Friday started a little slow for us, but we got going and made it to sound check a little late. Nevertheless, everything worked out fine. We grabbed some pre-show food at a local Singaporean joint.. and then went off for the kids. The reaction by the kids was incredible. I think they tore that club down. Chris got popped in the mouth with the mic about 10 times b/c the mosh pit was out of control. We had a blast and met some more new friends. We hung out in the green room for a while w/ them and then headed to Timbre to relax a little bit.

Saturday we slept in a little and then ran down to Chinatown for some shopping. After that we went to Sound Advice (a new studio in Singapore) and met up w/ Kamal and the guys from Saw Loser (Singapore punk band). That was a great time and we would like to thank Jeane, Boo and Kamal for hooking that up. After that we went to dinner with our good friends Shi, Jeane and Elizabeth. Then we headed over to the Fashion Bar to party our last night away. A ton of people came out for that and we had a blast.

Our flight left at 8am on Sunday morning, so we needed to be at the airport at 6am. At 5:10am we were still out and realized, “We haven’t even packed!” So we rushed back to the hotel, threw our clothes in our suitcases and started to rush out when Brad realized he couldn’t find his passport. It was lost for about 30 minutes but finally found. So we hurried down, checked out and jumped in our van. We got to the airport at about 7am…an hour late, but we still made the flight.

All in all it was an amazing trip. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it. We hope to get back over there soon!

Your boys,

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