Thank You, Singapore!

Ok.. we’re going to TRY to remember everyone that we need to thank, but please don’t kill us if we leave off a name or two. It’s been a long trip back home and doing this with the worst jet-lag ever could effect the outcome.. So we’ll apologize in advance for anyone we leave off.

Shi – without you, none of this happens. Thank you so much. You’re incredible!

Jeane and Boo – two of the most sincere people we’ve ever met. Thank you so much for all the support. We miss you guys already.. Good luck with all that you guys are doing and we expect to see you in Dallas sometime soon.

Karen – wow.. First of all, you’re an amazing friend and an ubelievably talented producer, director, editor (and eveything else you do). We’re so honored to be able to work with you, but we’re more honored to be your friend. Thank you for all that you did for us.

Danny – you’re a cool kid, man. Thanks for hanging out with us and making us laugh so much. Hopefully we’ll see you in Texas!

Adam Lee – thanks for all the support man. Once again.. you’re a talented person, but it’s the friendship we appreciate. Thanks for everything.. especially for hating the “Lion City” song! 😉

Nokia – Bee, Ruhne, Shi, Cheryl, Danesh and everyone else that helped us out and did all the work for the events.. Thank you! You guys were amazing to work with and we really appreciate it!

Summer’s Over/One Way Alley (and the girlfriends) – you guys were a lot of fun. Great bands, great people and new friends. Thanks for everything!

Saw Loser – Jimmy and Mas, thanks for hanging out w/ us. We forgive you for writing that email to us and saying it was Brendan. hahaha.. kidding. It’s all good. We love you guys and had a blast getting to know you. Hopefully we’ll be on tour soon. 🙂

Kamal – thanks for the hospitality and hooking us up on Saturday. We look forward to laying some songs down next time we’re in town!

Adrian, Rob, Mona, Monica, Vanessa, Jon, Juliana, Nana, Nonie, Shahira and everyone else we met and hung out with.. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Your Pals,

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