Save Deep Ellum!

Save Deep Ellum! Companies are buying up old buildings and refusing to sell them or fix them up in order to drive down real estate values and prepare for a buyout of the whole area. The famous Deep Ellum tunnel has been demolished, and along with it, the artwork of scores of local artists, and years of history and culture. Several legendary local clubs and bars have already gone belly up, and more will follow if we don’t do something.

We’ve got to stop this from continuing, and the best way is to support local businesses in the area! Get out there and go see live music, dance, drink, get inked or pierced, eat, look at art, join in, pick up a paintbrush, pen, guitar, or microphone; just do something to keep Deep Ellum alive!

Let’s keep the culture alive! Show Dallas that we DO want options when it comes to entertainment, not just a hundred clubs that look the same and play the same songs over and over again. Show bar owners that there is a market for the things you love, and that they don’t have to give up or give in! Tell businesses that they can make money and support creativity at the same time! Let the decision makers know that we celebrate diversity in art, music, food, and entertainment of all kinds! If we don’t all get out there and start supporting the things we love, then we’ll be the ones to blame when we’ve got nothing to do, and nowhere to go.

Check this out and spread the news!

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