Guess What?!?!

We’re not dead.. still writing (kind of) and busy working and stuff. We’re a pretty big deal.

Also, Chris and Brad are in a Ramones cover band called the Ramonahs. You should check ’em out. Drag queen Ramones cover band.. killer.

Since the economy is in the tank and Deep Ellum is dying, we’ll probably just go on an international arena tour this year with the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. We’re not sure yet, but that’s looking like our only option.

If you don’t wanna listen to my political ramblings, stop reading here..

Your boys,
Cxs, the bev, Raw-B, Kane the killer

Political Ramblings:
‘Dubya’ sure did a good job of ruining this country and the global economy in a short 8 years. Our infrastructure is in terrible shape, we’ve got the biggest nat’l debt we’ve ever had, we’re in two wars that can’t be ‘won’, our economy is the worst its been since the Great Depression, his administration failed to properly handle several disasters including Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, Americas global reputation is the worst its ever been, terrorism and anti-American radical groups have grown to record levels and hate us even more than they did before 9/11….bleh….I could go on, but won’t. Bush is awful.. his administration was awful.. how anyone can back his years in office is an absolute mystery to me. Thank god(s) that is behind us (sort of).

If Obama can do 1/4 of what he wants to do, we will have progressed light-years beyond where we are or were headed under ‘Dubya’..

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