Greyskull is a four-piece Texas Punk Rock band from Dallas, who has been spreading its infectious sound to the Texas punk scene since Chris Smyers and Brad Bevill started the band in 2001. Rooted in melodic punk rock, Greyskull is influenced by the great bands and artists before them like Social Distortion, Bad Religion, the Ramones, and NOFX.

Chris and Brad recorded their first EP, “By the Power of…” in August of 2001 at the famed Dallas Sound Lab. Wasting no time honing their craft they recorded an acoustic EP, “Look, Mom…No Amps!” just five months later in January of 2002. But it wasn’t until  the fall of 2002 when Greykull met drummer, sound engineer, and producer, Joe Sidoti, that they truly found their sound and started to “click”. Tapping into the talents of Sidoti, Greyskull recorded their third EP in a twelve month timespan. ‘Better Off Dead’ is five raw, punk rock songs chock-full of energy and potential.


After locking in the great Robbie Estill on drums, Greyskull followed up ‘Better Off Dead’ with their first full-length album, ‘State of Ruckus’, which was released on their DIY record label, Rattler Records, in July of 2004. ‘State of Ruckus’ was named one of the “Top 10 DFW Punk Albums” by the Dallas Observer.

In the Fall of 2006 Nokia, the mobile phone giant, called on Greyskull to be the face and soundtrack of their Nokia N93i campaign in the Asia-Pacific region. In January of 2007, Greyskull added lead guitarist Kane Kelly and proceeded to write and record a new EP, ‘Pretty in Ink‘, for the Nokia campaign. Although their sound had matured, the band continued to write simple, straight forward songs with tons of energy which include the one thing all punk songs have in common – a message. ‘Pretty in Ink’ touches on a range of controversies – from corporate greed (‘Elevator Friends, Hallway Enemies’) to profiteering (‘Sick of It’) to watching your life fade away (‘It’s Time’). But true to Greyskull’s style, those same songs also give the listener a sense of empowerment and hope.

gskull_nokia_posterGreyskull was flown to Singapore to perform at the N93i launch event in early January 2007 and went back to Singapore to play the campaign finale concert in April 2007. Footage of Greyskull from that concert (that was shot on the Nokia N93i) was then edited and placed on music television stations in the eight participating Asia-Pacific countries as a Nokia commercial and Greyskull music video for the song “Pretty in Ink”. Once back in the States, Greyskull spent the rest of 2007 playing shows around Texas and making radio appearances. The boys slowed down after the 2007 push only playing a handful of shows 2008-2011.

After a longer-than-expected break and the pursuit of other projects (The Re-Mo’s, Sleepin’ Rattlers, Geezer), Smyers, Bevill, and Estill have rejoined forces to record a multi-album project at their very own Snake Pit Studio . The three album project will be released by Rattler Records between 2017-2019.

cropped-COM-hero-1.jpgGreyskull has established themselves as one of the classic punk rock bands which continues to do what they started out doing – writing and playing music they’d listen to while avoiding getting caught up in the trends of today’s music scene. Their dedication and blue-collar approach to making music has these Texas boys on a roll and there are no signs of them stopping.

For more detail on Greyskull’s history, visit Wikipedia.


  • Chris Smyers – Lead Vocals and Bass
  • Brad Bevill – Backing Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
  • Robbie Estill – Drums
  • Kane Kelly – Lead Guitar


  • The track, ‘Selfish Minds’, was chosen Track of the Day, Track Of The Week, Best Melody in Punk, Grooviest Rhythm in Punk and Chill-Out Track in Punk on
  • Three songs from their debut album (State of Ruckus) were used in an MTV Asia teen show called Rouge.
  • Two songs (‘Selfish Minds’ and ‘Less is More’) were selected for the soundtrack of the independent film Celebrity Cult.
  • Their debut music video for the single ‘Selfish Minds’ was played in 178 countries on MXTV.
  • In August of 2012 their debut full-length album, “State of Ruckus” (which was released in 2004) was named one of the “Top 10 DFW Punk Albums” by the Dallas Observer.


“Greyskull thankfully embrace a tradition of honest contempt that goes all the way back to the Sex Pistols and the Stooges.”
Dallas Observer (Dallas, Tx)

“This potent trio has all the things that make for a good punk experience: loud, bracing guitars, a significantly snotty attitude and a glancing familiarity with melody.”
Dallas Observer (Dallas, Tx)

“The band’s last release, the excellent Pretty in Ink EP, was ear candy for those who enjoy classic punk”
Dallas Observer (Dallas, Tx)

“A little-known local gem, State of Ruckus surfaced in 2004. State of Ruckus lives up to its title in spades.”
Dallas Observer (Dallas, Tx)

“Catchy but far from wimpy, describes Greyskull’s sound. These guys have a great knack for writing songs that make you sing along and hit “repeat” on your CD player time and time again. The punk rock genre, if there is any justice, will soon have a new king in Greyskull. They have way more talent, great songs and pizzazz than most bands doing the Warped Tour circuit. I might just start calling them Great-skull!”
Harder Beat Magazine (Dallas, Tx)

“Have to say Greyskull does have some star-studded qualities. The band and their music rock! Watch out people! Some stars in the making here…”
Tangerine Dreams (Singapore)

“Fans from all over the region were thrilled by the music that the band displayed and couldn’t help but ask for an encore!” (Singapore)

“In the flesh, these ink & piercings-loving musicians are larger than life – and they sure put up a damn good live show.”
Indiependent Music (Southeast Asia)

“By the time Greyskull took to the stage, it was a punk fan’s wet dream come true. The bona fide punk rockers left a blazing trail of pulverised eardrums in their wake.”
Indiependent Music (Southeast Asia)