Our good friends in the Ghoultown camp have worked out a live broadcast of the show this Friday. If you are a loser and can’t come to the show (or you happen to live in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, etc..) you can watch the show live! http://ghoultown.livemusicwebcast.com/ Don’t miss it.. Your homies, Greyskull

Say Homies.. check out our new not-so-live “Pretty in Ink” music video. It was recorded at the Nokia showcase in Singapore. This video will start running on music video TV stations in Southeast Asia on Monday. We also have a studio version (“Pretty in Ink” music video) coming soon.. Upcoming shows: May 17th – Dallas, […]

Hey guys.. we don’t do this very often, but we’re going to need your help. So if you love us, do us a favor and throw a vote our way to play the new band showcase at Cornerstone 07 (it takes about 2 minutes). Here’s what you need to do: 1.) Go here and register (it’s […]

While we were in Singapore we shot a video (all performance based due to time constraints) for “Pretty In Ink” with the amazing Karen Cai. If you don’t already know who she is, you should. She’s done stuff for small bands like Simple Plan, Sum 41, Akon, Hoobastank and the list goes on. She was […]

Whelp, after one of the most amazing times of our lives we are back – Deep in the heart of Texas. First of all, to all the fans, friends, bands and everyone else we met in Singapore – THANK YOU! You guys were truly amazing and we really appreciate it. After a 24 hour flight, […]

Ok.. we’re going to TRY to remember everyone that we need to thank, but please don’t kill us if we leave off a name or two. It’s been a long trip back home and doing this with the worst jet-lag ever could effect the outcome.. So we’ll apologize in advance for anyone we leave off. […]

All you LCR’s better be ready for some Texas Punk Rock.. We leave tomorrow morning (Dallas time) and will arrive in the Lion City late on Tuesday night (Singapore time). Fix your mohawks, dust off your chucks and stretch your ears out another size.. You have some mosh pits to start. We’ll see you guys […]

Yo.. All you LCR’s need to listen to the new song we just posted (and add it to your page). It’s called “Lion City” and is obviously about your homeland. Just remember it’s a DEMO that was recorded in Brad’s apartment. But hey.. at least we got it done. Now.. your homework is to learn […]

LCR’S – We have sent our 25 invites off to Nokia for the April 5th showcase at St James Powerhouse. If you were one of the lucky 25, you will be contacted by Nokia this week and will receive a special invitation for two…which means you can bring one of your friends. Just make sure […]

What’s up Lion City Rockers (LCR from now on)… So we are headlining the Nokia Showcase on April 5th at St James Powerhouse and this event is “invite only”. Lucky for you, we’re inviting YOU! BUT – we only have 50 invites. So, the first 25 people that email us (here on myspace) with the […]