What’s up Lion City Rockers.. Here is the deal with our shows in Singapore on April 5th, 6th and 7th – The April 5th show is a Nokia Showcase (with Summer’s Over and Pete Teo) at St James Powerhouse (8-10pm) that is limited to 350 people. We get to bring 50 of the invitees and will have […]

UPDATE! Brendan is such a nice guy he sent us a new email! ======================= hey dude, some friends of mine went on my myspace, and sent you guys a message cause they don’t appretiate music. they are obviously not real musicians and i hope you dont hold it against me or any one affilated with […]

Wah lao eh! I thought all you Lion City Rockers would like to know that we are currently demo-ing a song all about your city. Once we finish it, we’ll get it up on our page for your listening pleasure.. Singapore will never be the same. xoxo, Greyskull

Say.. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us tonight. We had a good time. It feels good to be back at it and playing shows. We will be demo-ing a couple of new songs tomorrow (Sunday). So if you like anything from the “State of Ruckus” cd, you better listen to it a […]

Yo. We just wanted to say thanks to “As One” and Rob for hosting a great show tonight in Allen, Tx. You guys know how to put on a first class production and we really appreciate being a part of it. And thanks to all you Allen kids. We had a great time and look […]

Go check out our videos. We just posted the behind the scenes footage or “making of” our new music video for “Texas Song”. We will post the actual music video soon. xoxo, Greyskull

*UPDATE* – This show has been canceled. The booking agent screwed up and double booked on this night. Sorry! Hey kids.. we are stoked to say we will be playing with Against All Authority and Whole Wheat Bread on Febraury 22nd at Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack in Lewisville, Tx! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW! We […]

If you live in the amazing country of Singapore, we will be back there at the end of March to play a couple of shows. So check back here later this month for details on when and where we are playing! We just got back from Singapore on Wednesday. We had an amazing trip! We got to play […]

Be sure to check out our “videos”. We have two new Nokia N93i commercials up! (commercial 1 | commercial 2) Coming soon is our new music video for “Texas Song”, as well as, some footage from our trip to Singapore. Check back soon for more.. -Greyskull PS – You can also check us out and enter […]

Yo. So we’re back from Singapore and had the time of our lives. Everything went amazingly well. We were there to play at the Nokia N93i launch party. There was a ton of press there and lots of ‘suits’…needless to say Greyskull turned a few heads. Picture a really long, dry press conference and then […]